Dr. Georgalyn Wilkinson

As a youngster, Georgalyn lived at Christian Radio City Manila, the Far East Broadcasting Company (F.E.B.C.) compound in the Philippines where her parents served as missionaries. In 1958, she graduated from college in the U.S.A., and married David Wilkinson. Shortly after, they too joined the Far East Broadcasting Company and spent the next four years in Okinawa. They were then transferred to Japan where David was Director of the field until 1971 when, after a very short illness, he was taken home to be with the Lord.

Having worked with David for 13 years, Japan was home to Georgalyn and her two young daughters. She succeeded David as Field Director of Japan, and continued there for eight years until a qualified Japanese national was found and trained for the ministry.

In that same year, 1979, she was assigned to the Home Office of F.E.B.C. in La Mirada, California where she served as Director of Outreach through 1985. Her responsibilities were extensive and included Public Relations, Fund Raising and Media, Extension Ministries, Constituency Relations and Direct Mail. She often represented F.E.B.C in retreats, conferences, banquets, and churches.

In Tokyo, Japan, Georgalyn was one of the few female foreign correspondents and a member of the prestigious Foreign Press Association. For six years she was chairman of the Tokyo Christian Women's Club. She has served on numerous national and international boards. She is also a member of the National Female Executives Association and is listed in the American Society of Professional and Executive Women. She is also one of the writers of the Woman's Study Bible, published by Thomas Nelson.

Georgalyn became GLINT's President in 1986. Having served with F.E.B.C. for 27 years, she was not seeking a new ministry. However, when the opportunity to consider GLINT was presented to her, she made it a matter of much prayer and soul searching. Perhaps like a pastor called to a new church, she graciously accepted the call to leadership with the worldwide ministry of Gospel Literature International.

Georgalyn Wilkinson has provided dedicated, capable leadership in an ever expanding international program for translating Sunday school curriculum, Bible study materials, and quality Christian books into the major languages of the world. Her excitement about this ministry is evident and contagious.

On May 24, 1997, the board of Trustees of Biola University awarded Georgalyn the prestigious honorary degree of Doctor of Laws in recognition of her clear evangelical testimony, the outstanding quality of her life, and her lifetime of achievements.

Georgalyn is a gifted speaker and relates to any audience out of her vast experience as a missionary, as a wife, and now a widow, as a single parent and as a woman in leadership. She knows the joys, sorrows, frustrations and satisfactions of a committed Christian life and speaks from experience about serving Christ and His Church.

She resides in Alta Loma, California and enjoys her two married daughters, and their wonderful families, who live in Southern California and Ohio.

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